Zaytuna Grocery offers N.Y. Shariah Board certified hand slaughtered halal chicken, beef, goat and lamb. We also offer fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products and verity of Indian/South-east Asian spices with some of the lowest prices in the area.

Our fresh meat and vegetables delivery arrive at our store every Mondays and Thursdays. We accept advanced meat orders via Facebook or over the phone (203-942-2483) and we encourage our shoppers to use these options to avoid wait times at the store. 

Our goal is to provide the community with quality unquestionable halal products along with the best level of customer service. We are always listening to the feedback of our customers to better server our customers as we learn from our experiences. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly if there is ever a time where you are not satisfied with your experience at Zaytuna Grocery. We will do our utmost to turn any negative experience into a positive one. 

Zaytuna Grocery humbly request the prayers of the community to as it strives to become a successful halal establishment for the entire Greater Danbury community. May Allah accept this effort of serving the community with pure halal food and may the spirituality of everyone become more enhanced day by day by the consumption of pure halal food. Ameen.

Behind Story of ZAYTUNA